The hotel sits atop the tiny hill village of Crillon le Brave in the Provence region of southeastern France.

    Crillon le Brave is 40 kilometres (25 miles) northeast of Avignon, at the foot of the 6000 ft-high Mont Ventoux.


    The origins of the village of Crillon date back to Roman times when it was known as Crillonium. The village's modern history dates to the 14th-century when a leading Avignon family acquired the feudal rights to the village. A long line of dukes ruled Crillon throughout the period leading up to the Revolution but it drew its full name from the most legendary of its dukes. Le Brave Crillon (1541-1615) was one of Henri IV's fiercest generals during the wars of religion that swept through France in the late 16th century. The same Crillon family also gave its name to the famous Hôtel Crillon on Paris's Place de la Concorde.
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Activities In and Around Crillon le Brave